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Beautify and protect your interior wall environment with ASI Wall Protection System

We provide complete solutions for beautification, preservation, and protection of your walls. Our wall protection systems are designed & manufactured for durability and high impact resistance. No need to compromise your choice and design as we provide the wide range of colors & styles to choose from.

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Who need wall protection systems?

  • Hospitals and nursing homes: The heavy traffic of trolleys, mobile beds, medical equipment and wheelchairs causes damage to the wall and corners. Uses of wall protection can enhance the safety and minimize the damage.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Bar and restaurants require wall protection systems to minimize the damage to wall surfaces caused by foot traffic, luggage and maintenance trolleys.
  • Gyms: Wall protection systems protect the surfaces from damage caused by gym equipment and high impact activities such as aerobics and indoor sports.
  • Office and business: It helps to maintain a clean and attractive work environment and reduces the cleaning costs.
  • Factories and industrial environments: Where practical, hard-wearing, shock absorbing buffers are required for maximum impact protection from machinery.

Why buy from ASI Wall Protections?

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • All products are manufactured in USA
  • We are trusted Wall protection system suppliers