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Corner Guards

Corner Guards

Corner guards offer a highly effective and inexpensive way to protect vulnerable wall corners from damage and which helps to keep your facility looks newer for longer. Corner protectors should be used in a busy building like healthcare units, educational institutions, municipal or commercial building. Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Surface Mount Retainer, Flush Mount Retainer, Printable, Adjustable Angle and Stainless Steel Corner Guards are the options to choose from.

Why we need corner guards?

Corner of the wall is the most vulnerable part, which often become the recipient of aggressive scrapes, chips, and dents due to rolling equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, carts and trolleys as well as the pedestrians. The significant damage that can be costly huge amount of repair. Corner guards are most efficient, cost-effective and permanent way to fix the damaged corner or prevent the damage before it occurs.

Why our corner guards?

Our wide range of styles and colors, aesthetics won't be compromised as well as the protect the corner of each wall and so help to save the cost of repairing. It helps to keep your facility looks newer for longer.