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ASI Wall Protection Systems For beautification, preservation & protection of your walls.

Our wall protection systems are designed & manufactured for durability and high impact resistance. No need to compromise your choice and design as we provide the wide range of colors & styles to choose from.

Alliance Suppliers, Inc. (ASI) can help you beautify and protect your interior wall environment with ASI wall protection systems. We offer a full line of the very best in wall protector. Should you have an interior wall project to beautify, preserve and protect your walls the following are some of the items we can provide for you. Wall protectors, wall guards, door protector, corner guards, handrail, crash rails, wall bumper, wall guard, wall base and stainless-steel corner guard & wall sheets.

You may consider our wall protectors for large or small jobs for decoration, preservation or new construction. We offer several standard colors to satisfy most environment. We can develop or match any color for major jobs.

For wide areas of wall protection, you should consider our sheet materials. This material may be used for your walls and doors. The designed features are offered in PVC with the textured finish in a dimension of 4' x 8' and a thickness of .060". Soft surface un-textured accessory trim is available to enhance the installation. We offer a joint trim, an edge trim, and an inside corner. The material is easy to cut and create special shape. It does meet UL requirement. This product is quite versatile. Transformed it and create any desired shape. Use it to protect around door openings, door edges, and other areas. The versatility of this material lends itself to excellent door protection.

Do you have areas of the flat wall you want to protect and preserve? Consider our Rub Rail. This product is designed to be used as door protector, door kick plates, and chair rails. The design features of this material are textured Vinyl strips in .08 inches thick, x 8' L x 5" H and 8" L X 8" H with a wide range of colors. This material is highly impact resistant, good protection against wheelchairs, carts, beds and other wall scuffing objects.It will inhibit fungus and bacterial growth.This product is an excellent wall protector in commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, nursing homes, waiting room and most other places. You may install this product with Double Sided Tape, Adhesives or Screws. The method you may use will depend on your wall surface.

Among other wall protectors that we offer are several series of crash rails systems. These systems offer a high-level of protection. For very high impact protection you may want to consider our 4, 6, or 8 inches high standard crash rail. We do have our Crescent Crash Rail which is 5" and 8" in height. The designed features of these systems offered a .08" continuous aluminum retainer with an impact absorbed covered with a .08" Textured Vinyl material mounted over the aluminum retainer.

One of the most voluntary areas of your interior walls are your corners. ASI offers several series of high Impact corners guards to protect your exposed and vulnerable corners from the roughest of treatment. We offer a clear poly-carbonate series and a colored polycarbonate series. Polycarbonate is a very tuff plastic that will withstand much abuse.

We offer several series of textured and smooth vinyl corner guards, flush and surface mount. Our surface mount corner guards are designed with a.080-inch-thick aluminum retainer covered by a .080-inch vinyl cover and complete with end caps. We also offer a printable corner guard, adjustable angle and our bull-nose corner guard and of course our stainless steel corner guards.Except for our bull-nose corner guards, there are several wing sizes available.

Our handrails are two types - a flat and an accent type. Our handrails are designed with three layers of impact absorption. The layers are aluminum retainer, vinyl impact absorber and a vinyl cover.

We provide this in standard 60' rolls with a standard height of 4". Standard colors are white, almond, gray, brown and black.

Who & why need wall protection systems?

  • Hospitals and nursing homes: The heavy traffic of trolleys, mobile beds, medical equipment and wheelchairs causes damage to the wall and corners. Uses of wall protection can enhance the safety and minimize the damage.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Bar and restaurants require wall protection systems to minimize the damage to wall surfaces caused by foot traffic, luggage and maintenance trolleys.
  • Gyms: Wall protection systems protect the surfaces from damage caused by gym equipment and high impact activities such as aerobics and indoor sports.
  • Office and business: It helps to maintain a clean and attractive work environment and reduces the cleaning costs.
  • Factories and industrial environments: Where practical, hard-wearing, shock absorbing buffers are required for maximum impact protection from machinery.

Why buy from us?

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