Beautify and protect your interior wall environment with ASI wall protection system.

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Alliance Suppliers Inc is a Global Wall Protection products supplier. We provide complete solutions for beautification, preservation, and protection of your walls. Our wall protection systems are designed and manufactured for durability and high impact resistance. They can be integrated into your design Healthcare & Medical Facilities, Hotel & Motel Industry, Commercial & Retail Industry and Public building interior environment.

Our wide range of wall protectors including corner guards, wall guards, handrails, wall sheets, bumpers guards and door protection products which  provide superior protection to walls, corners, and doors from damage as well as to reduce the need for constant maintenance.


Corner Guards


Corner guards offer a highly effective and inexpensive way to protect vulnerable corners from damage and which helps to keep your facility looks newer for longer. It should be used in a busy building like healthcare, educational, municipal or commercial building. Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Surface Mount Retainer, Flush Mount Retainer, Printable, Adjustable Angle and Stainless Steel Corner Guards are the options to choose from. View our products »

Crash Rails or Wall Guards


Our Crash Rails/Wall Guards are designed to provide high impact resistance and protect the wall in high traffic areas, where wall damage will be caused by rolling equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, carts and trolleys. Our wide range of styles and colors, aesthetics won’t be compromised. Surface Mount Retainer Wall Guards, Clear Polycarbonate Wall Guards, and Crescent Wall Guards are the options to choose from. View our products »



A wide range of handrail products for buildings where durability and impact resistance are important. Hospital handrails are an important component of designing healthcare facilities, in both function and aesthetics. Our handrails can be integrated into any design with our available colors to choose from. UL approved & ADA standards. View our products »

Wall sheet & trim pieces


The vinyl wall sheet or wall covering is a textured, high-impact resistant rigid sheet used for wall coverings in hospitals, commercial buildings, educational facilities, supermarkets, airports, elevators, and office buildings. It helps to protect the vertical surfaces such as walls & corners and which is durable and easy to clean.  View our products »

Vinyl rub rails


Textured vinyl rub rails are durable, economic answer to the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas. In addition to providing exceptional wall protection, the vinyl is embossed with a texture to give it a soft finish color that complements interior designs. Rub rails are available in 8' x 5" or 8' x 8" sections. View our products »

Vinyl Wall Base


Flexible vinyl wall base is a durable, economic answer to the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas of any commercial building, vinyl wall base provides exceptional wall protection and prevents future maintenance costs of painting and repairing damaged walls. View our products »

Who need wall protection systems?

  • Hospitals and nursing homes: The heavy traffic of trolleys, mobile beds, medical equipment and wheelchairs causes damage to the wall and corners. Uses of wall protection can enhance the safety and minimize the damage.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Bar and restaurants require wall protection systems to minimize the damage to wall surfaces caused by foot traffic, luggage and maintenance trolleys.
  • Gyms: Wall protection systems protect the surfaces from damage caused by gym equipment and high impact activities such as aerobics and indoor sports.
  • Office and business: It helps to maintain a clean and attractive work environment and reduces the cleaning costs.
  • Factories and industrial environments: Where practical, hard-wearing, shock absorbing buffers are required for maximum impact protection from machinery.

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