Beautify and protect your interior wall environment with ASI wall protection system.

Wall Protection system handrails door plates corner guards

Do you have an interior wall project to beautify, preserve and protect?

If yes, the following are some of the items we can provide - Wall protectors, wall guards, door protector, corner guards, handrails, crash rails, wall bumper, wall guard, wall base and stainless steel corner guard. 

You may consider our wall protectors for large or small jobs for decoration, preservation or new construction. We offer several standard colors to satisfy most environments. We can develop or match any color for major jobs

Corner ProtectorsCorner ProtectorsCorner Protectors offer a highly effective and inexpensive way to protect vulnerable corners from damage. They are all available in 90° and 135° Vinyl, Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel. Double sided tape, adhesive or screws can be used for mounting. Corner GuardsCorner GuardsHigh to Low impact, highly effective & inexpensive or decorative corner guards/protectors. To be used in busy building like healthcare, educational, municipal or commercial building. Corner Guards with End Caps, rigid PVC, Clear Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Rubber are the options to choose from. Crash RailsCrash RailsDesigned to provide high impact resistance and protect the wall from  carts, chairs, beds or other objects. Wide range of Crash rails guards in wood and vinyl available in order to match your interior.
Rub RailsRub Rails

Rub rails are durable, economic answer to the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas.

  • Solid wood, steel, vinyl & PVC handrails
  • UL approved & ADA standards
  • Different size and strength options
Wall SheetWall Sheet

Vinyl wall sheet is an textured, high-impact resistant rigid sheet used for wall coverings in hospitals, commercial buildings, educational facilities, supermarkets, airports, elevators, and office buildings.

Adhesive, Tapes & PrimerAdhesive, Tapes & Primer
  • We do offer Adhesive Foam Tape,  Adhesive for Sheet Stock & Primer. Heavy Duty Adhesive Foam Tape for the installation of PVC Corner Protectors & chair rails.
  • Adhesive for Sheet Stock - 5 Gallon Pail Adhesive & Primer for your wall protector installation which covers more than 500 Sq ft.

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